• User Friendly: Student of any standard can study with this software easily.
  • Photographs: With the help of Attractive & Colorful photographs each topic becomes more interesting.
  • Audio Visual Effect: Each software contains educational audio, video clippings which increases the interest of students knowledge towards the subject.
  • Animation: A 2D and 3D animation clears the concept of topics included in the text books, which is very helpful for the students.
  • Interactive Layout: Interactive layout of the software increases the concentration toward study.
  • Extra Information: This software includes the entire text book and extra informative material which gives student additional knowledge related to the said topics.
  • Animated diagrams/figures: The figures in Science & Mathematics are animated & can be repeated several times.
  • Map Display: This concept of map reading enables student to understand and grasp the respective map more effectively & easily.
  • Lab Practical: This will help students to know the correct steps of each practical before performing the experiment in the lab or the exams.
  • Web Links: The important concepts, topics are given with web link to help student to go & get additional information available on internet, offline.