Comparison of Product

Important Features of “CHANAKYANETSTUDY” to be compared with Competitors

Feature of  Product

Time Required for one time viewing of one subject software

Interactive Animation

Video clips

Mouse over meanings, translation, or English words

Additional Information on the topic from the Web

Page wise questions in each lesson as if teacher asking the questions to the students while teaching

Interactive Marking test series on each lesson with immediate results and correct answers of wrong answers

Historical Video Clippings right from IInd World War and our Independence Struggle

Theorems, Problems & Geometrical figures solved with step by step animation & explanation

Whether all the theorems, problems & Geometrical figures are incorporated in the syllabus

Are the students able to solve the problems on computer

Does the software correct the problems

Does the software shows the correct answer if the student goes wrong

Does the software give hints to the student while solving the problem

Are the test series on Maths available in the software

Are the results of the test series displayed

Are questions & answers incorporated in the software

Any additional Q&A and problems available

The cost per subject

Hence the cost of study material per hour

Hence Best Quality & least price software

Are the softwares evaluated by Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, SSC Board, Director of Secondary Education

Number of Schools covered till now


80 - 100 hrs

One of the features

Rs. 1200/- to Rs. 1500/-

Rs. 9/- to Rs. 15/-



4 to 6 hrs (The study of one subject can't be completed)

Only Video clips

No such facility

No such facility

Rs. 800/- to Rs. 3000/-

Rs. 200/- to Rs. 500/-